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Pimento Is Open For Indoor Dining,Delivery, and Takeout!

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It is always an honor and a pleasure to provide an authentic taste of Jamaican hospitality. To better serve you, please provide your event details below, and we will be in touch faster than you can say, "Don’t worry. Eat happy."


About us

Authentic Jamaican jerk, from authentic Jamaican jerks

Jamaicans have been embodying the Natural, Local, & Slow Food philosophies for generations – without even trying! That’s why Pimento is so committed to product purity, seasonality, and mindful preparation. These are the cornerstones of our cuisine.

Family recipes meet French technique in all of our authentic Jamaican dishes.

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Pimento Jamaican Kitchen - Minneapolis -(612) 345-5637
Mon: 11am - 10pm
Tues: 11am - 10pm
Wed: 11am - 10pm
Thurs: 11am - 10pm
Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat: 11am- 10pm
Sun: 11am - 10pm

Rumbar Minneapolis
Mon: 4pm - 9:30pm
Tues: 4pm - 9:30pm
Wed: 4pm - 9:30pm
Thurs: 4pm - 9:30pm
Fri: 5pm - 2am
Sat: 11am - 10pm
Sun: 11am - 10pm

Pimento On The Lake 612-584-3007
Mon: 11am-10pm
Tues: 11am-10pm
Wed: 11am-10pm
Thurs: 11am -10pm
Fri: 11am -10pm
Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 11am -10pm

Pimento Market
Mon: 10am-7pm
Tues: 10am-7pm
Wed: 10am-7pm
Thurs: 10am - 7pm
Fri: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 10am - 7pm
Sun: 10am - 7pm

Pimento St. Paul (Wabasha St) 763-657-1408